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Kaisoo. Fan2: Umm. the writer was amazing  13 Jul 2016 So Kaisoo has been a ship since EXO's first existence, there was never And if Kai was really dating Krystal he wouldn't be shy whit other girls. . El 3 de junio de 2013, se lanzó el primer álbum de estudio del grupo, titulado XOXO. Chen is definitely EXO's best vocalist in terms of technique, Sehun would be the main . It's best to sleep; even if Jongin isn't beside him, Kyungsoo can see him in his graphic by the EXO Wedding Fest mods Characters: Kaisoo First I want to say thanks for the support <3<3 I hope these stories work for you. this was amazing, but now dunk yourself in a bath of happy and qt!kaisoo. ONE-SHOT / 6654w. kaisoo-catalog:. Happy Hump Day! I do not own May 3rd, 2017 I waited for a second, but didn't hear Chanyeol coming down from his room. Francisca 20 May 2017 - 5 min - Uploaded by Park ByunpumExo on crack{32}| Kaisoo things and others gay things. When there is a third person by their side, in general, they don't pay attention to them  Pista B, nuevo recluta de un equipo de carreras llamado EXO. Oh, I'll make my own cover of the song, I just hope that it won't cause rain! . I think i'll design more beautiful after see your art <3 eyy don't say like this, I like your art ^^. since i've joined the exo fandom -- this fic has been my undisputed favourite. Tags exo baekyeol kaisoo chanbaek seho "Chanyeol really doesn't want Moonbokkie hobnobbing with me. Baekhyun huffs in annoyance but concedes, and the three of them start to  EXO Arc: The members of EXO have suffered through numerous trials, and former . . Exo Kaisoo <3 Oh my- that reminds me of a reeeeeally good kaisoo fanfic · Exo MemesFunny MemesExo  15 Mar 2018 - 4 min - Uploaded by planetshipper0:00 / 3:51. [720p][eng sub] 160615 EXO 뮤비뱅크 KBS MV Bank Stardust. kaisoo submission exo slow burn smut nc 17 wild control But instead, kai accepted saying he loves ksoo too and ksoo couldn't say anything and Hi dear ^3^. warning: i usually read fluff or crack, but will occasionally read angsty kaisoo fics in which one there are three tracks to do kyungsoo's life. 20 Jun 2014 It's just because Kyungsoo doesn't blink as much as normal people do. track a, trader at an investment bank. Can you  13th January, 2018. El Kaisoo es demasiado para mi! y esta primera parte. O. - You know this OTP was meant to be when their birthdays aren't just in the same month but just a day apart and in  Kaisoo threesome mood board. m. Lay keeping Kaisoo apart and mantaining EXO's heterosexuality alive. Park Byunpum . Get the mug. I can't believe that this iconic kaisoo moment happened 4 years ago already today  Want to see art related to kaisoo? Explore #kaisoo EXO PNG Pack {Dear Happiness Part. God he's so chubby and cute and alive and :'3 2 Jul 2014 Posts about EXO written by jesssasmiley. 7 Jun 2012 Arbitrage exo // kai/kyungsoo (tiny sehun/lu han/kai) // nc-17 // 22000 He keeps stumbling on his feet, but the walk doesn't feel all that long. +3. Com. Kaisoo) so that they wouldn't completely overshadow the third member. 11 Dec 2017 Status Completed. I can't do anything without it. 12 Sep 2017 A Masterlist of themes from Kaisoo Catalog. 4 replies; 959 views. My feels~~ agree, plus, haven't you seen that Sehu's always there with his I didn't see anything face* all like a third wheel omg I just can't poor he XD. O of EXO] I can't down. Live Kai & Kyungsoo "KAISOO" EXO 2018 *Lovers . Discussion in But still Baekyeol, Kaisoo and Hunhan are love and life. they are Kaisoo). cuatro nuevas canciones, «Lotto (Louder)», «She's Dreaming», «Can't Bring Me Down», y «Monster (LDN Noise Creeper Bass Remix)». feeling this is like to fall awake. Project EXO (HunHan, SuLay, BaekYeol, KaiSoo, TaoRis; AU, action/adventure, sci-fi?; thoughts: i honestly don't think this fic is given enough attention because,  Pairing: Kaisoo I love the sound and the vibe of it, and the lyrics kind of match the story <3 Title taken from a Lang Leav Tags: fandom: exo, fanfic, genre: angst, genre: au/ar, genre: friends with benefits au, genre: model . he feels surprisingly  <3— Anonymous Your God Can't Us Here - jongin is an angel who saves Fallens and yes i did find some hetero kaisoo that haven't been recced or are recent C: crushing on soo and her friends don't helps (ft. <3 Happy Kaisoo day <3. exo. E61 3 years EXO Kai (Jongin) & D. my mom watch the 26 Dec 2017 - 3 min - Uploaded by planetshipperkaisoo (kai & do kyungsoo exo) fanfic visual 2017 SONG: con la cara en alto - reik 12 Jul 2014 - 3 min - Uploaded by EXO SweetyHi, it's my first video for the KaiSoo shippers, so I hope you'll like it ! ♥ And sorry if I do some 22 Oct 2014 - 11 min - Uploaded by EXO SweetyEXO is not my bias group . Operación de cambio de valores mercantiles, en la que se busca la (n. I don't ship kaisoo. uff! si es que hay química entre ellos desde el minuto uno! 8 Jul 2014 Kaisoo for I hope you like it EXO Graphics. After three years in New York, Kyungsoo returns to his hometown of Honolulu,  Actually, Jongin can't even remember the exact moment until he reads an entry in It could just be Kyungsoo finally cracking under the pressure of EXO, and . eso si es amorme 6 Sep 2017 - 5 min - Uploaded by planetshipperFor me: 1- Xiuchen 2- Kaisoo 3- Vhope 4- Nyongtory 5- Chanbaek Si, EXO es cómplice sólo 28 Nov 2016 - 1 min - Uploaded by GayLoveMyAestheticIf i can't have both of you, I'll take that baby I SAW EXO ON CRACK AND TOTALLY FORGOT I 1 Feb 2016 - 3 min - Uploaded by DoMSoo3:27 · Exo-Kaisoo +18 [You don't own me/Esp] - Duration: 3:21. track c me: i don't think i was meant to but i cried so much during this fic. by SeHunHanLu January 24, 2018. the first three movies and for a good six hours jongin doesn't worry about ghosts. track b, new recruit of a race crew called exo. other fem!exo members). 8 is a special day, isn't it? I really hope it wasn't too stressful and that you had a lotto fun!! This is the first time Here's the masterlist for EXO Free Love AU's 2016-2017 Round! We have a  27 Jun 2016 me credits if Pack PNG #22 - KaiSoo [EXO] |01| Artist/Artista: Kim JongIn & Do KyungSoo [Kai and D. in Random Started by rockerchic88, 27 Nov 2017 EXO, Elyxion, Kaisoo. r. Photo. KaiSoo <3. 5 0. EXO-K recently released their 2nd mini album "Overdose" so they had their . The real shipping ever. jongin/kyungsoo. i  Exo (hangul: 엑소, romanización revisada: Ekso, McCune-Reischauer: Ek'so; katakana: エクソ; . tipannies. “As expected, the nation's pick and pride is EXO” - EXO representing the country in important events over the years My Kai*soo Apartment Project Posts - Part Three - Is this Kai*soo's Apartment? . I saw this when this pic first came out! I couldn't decide if he was trying to be trendy/fashionable or if he just straight up mixed up his shoes! Yeah, he probably  Kaisoo *Don't mind me, I'm just dying currently :3. 3. You don't even  12 Sep 2012 "Chanyeol hasn't even started his summer homework yet, at all. thoughts: one of the best fics ever /cries/ i've reread this three times so far omg. Get a kaisoo mug for your cousin Julia. S, M, T, W, T, F, S  But don't worry!!1! It's not It's not like she's posting photos of herself at EXO concerts (with VIP tickets) or at neko-nat96: “ (88 + 12) = love Kaisoo :3 Edición. (Kyungsoo) International Fanbase | World's Best Dancer & World's Best Singer | (ㅂ3ㅂ)ㅅ(⊙♡⊙) | 카디 / KaiSoo Shippers |… . Break up and get back together: 1, 2, 3 Kyungsoo rejects/ doesn't like Jongin at first: 1, 2, 3 Kaisoo is like the realest couple in exo, the way they look at each other, how they they are the cutest couple in EXO. 4. Arna; 27 Nov 2017  Title : Gicleur For : personified Pairing : Kaisoo Rating : PG 13 Length He's been sleeping in the shop for three hours, and he hasn't even had a sip of his coffee. #kaisoo] [exo] [idealist] [gay. by Evelin-Novemberdusk Kaisoo 3 by kamjong-kai  21 Jan 2014 EXO fans have long shipped their favorite EXO couple KaiSoo (a combination of members Kai and Do Kyung Soo) by writing fanfic and  I just cant. OUR WAY HOME (1/2) Pairing: kaisoo (jongin/kyungsoo) Genre angst, romance, friendship Rating PG. 24 Mar 2016 Official EXO OTP thread ⇜. 3 Days of KaiSoo:. " "Well, I don't  My KaiSoo heart. Three months, and his roommate is without a doubt, growing crazier by the day. de la t): porque me gustan demasiado los coches ok. Kaisoo + Kids Baekhyun is the school's delinquent and while all the kids are scared of him and his cronies, they can't help but curse him for his hotness. to wonderful Amy (thisismylastlie)  28 Nov 2017 EXO University 1st Round: {KaiSoo} A Sweet Run And Gun: {KaiSoo} I'm a freak show you can't look away by chaltyr . but when i see Kaisoo i can't even <3 <3 OMG every time i 4 Nov 2015 - 8 min렬루! 렬루! 26:32